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Website of the Year interview

CryptoSoft team gave an interview after receiving the Website of the Year award in Blockchain category with the CryptoScan project in the ‘Website of the Year’ competition.


IT Business podcast

CryptoSoft CEO, Gábor Hellner and CTO, Tamás Savci were guests of the ITBusiness Podcast, where they talked about cryptocurrencies, crypto fraud and CryptoScan.

Website of the Year Award ceremony

CryptoSoft CEO, Gábor Hellner and CTO, Tamás Savci took the Website of the Year Award in Blockchain category last week for CryptoScan project.


Website of the Year in Blockchain category

We were honored that CryptoSoft developed CryptoScan platform won the Website of the Year Award in Blockchain category. Thank you for the recognition!

Több-Kevesebb (Spirit FM)

Gábor Hellner, CryptoSoft CEO was asked by Egon Rónai, in the Sprit FM’s economical program, Több-Kevesebb in cryptocurrency topic.

Can crypto fraud be prevented by law?

CryptoSoft CEO, Gábor Hellner spoke about cleaning up the crypto world, the fight against crypto scams and the CryptoScan solution.

Hungarian Fintech Association

Our company has become a member of the Hungarian Fintech Association, whose goal is to build an internationally competitive ecosystem with players of the fintech sector.

Against crypto scams

Behaviour magazine reports on the CryptoScan platform developed with the aim of cleaning the crypto world, and the CryptoScanCoin reference cryptocurrency.


Origo inquired about our efforts to combat fraud and misuse associated with cryptocurrencies, and also asked about the CryptoScan project initiated for this purpose, along with the reference token CryptoScanCoin.

Tempting promises and hidden risks

The CTO of our company, Tamás Savci, speaks in the IT Business magazine about the centralized manipulation of the decentralized crypto world and CryptoSoft’s solution…

Blockchain Coalition

Our company has joined Blockchain Coalition, which aims to help companies and institutions to become a significant and valuable player in the industry by supporting blockchain-based research and development.

Artificial Intelligence against crypto scams

The CEO of our company, Gábor Hellner, speaks in the IT Business magazine about the importance of protection against crypto fraud and the role of artificial intelligence…